FULL HOG proudly Australian made and owned, manufacturers of after market, custom bagger bodies to fit Harley Davidson touring models.

Husband and wife team Brad & Kara love Harley Davidson. Even though Brad has been riding since the dawn of his teenage years, our first experience with Harley Davidson was in 2013 when we purchased our first brand new Wide Glide. We were hooked from the first ride, met a bunch of like minded riders and was introduced to the obessesive world of Harley Davidson. Our second bike was a Breakout, Brad always wanted to own one of those big back wheel rides. It was great for solo riding and a good look, but just didn't cut it for two up. 

We purchased our third bike and first touring model Street Glide FLHXS in 2017, for comfortable 2 up riding as well as the luxury appointments. As standard they are a nice looking bike, but we also felt the need to shed the stigma of being an older persons ride, coming from the super cool Breakout and we didn't want the bike to be the same 'Standard' model straight out of the box.

When you buy a new bike, you'll always start thinking of ways you can customise it, to make it your own. We both particularly loved the American style bagger, with stretch saddle bags and guard, long slimline side covers, a stretch tank and a big front wheel. 

Kara said "If you're going to build a bike like that, you might as well go the full hog" We looked at each other and knew exactly what we were both thinking. The name was born, we registered the number plate FLHOG and a new business venture began.

Being in business as professional photographers for 20 years previous and after a lot of research in the Australian and American market, we had been searching for a change of industry. Being self employed and doing something that you love and are passionate about, are a dream combination. Full Hog started manufacturing its own aftermarket fibreglass custom bagger body parts (to fit our Harley Davidson touring model to start)

We are very particular about quality and keeping the standard high. We researched and chose a designer and fabricator who we could work with and who had the same ideals. Our products had to be made with the highest quality materials, technique and finishes. We worked for 7 months getting the design and process right, so that FULL HOG can proudly stand behind their name and provide the discerning Harley owner with quality Australian Made parts while also honouring the Harley Davidson brand.

We are totally excited to be able to provide an Australian made product to our fellow HD motorcycle enthusiast, who dares to be different to the rest of the pack and who cares about the quality of the product they are investing in.

We honestly can't wait to see more Bagger owners gracing the roads, loud and proud of their machine. 

We are manufacturing more options to get the perfect style for everyone, coming soon to unleash your beast!

FLHOG Engine build

FLHOG Engine build

We heard there was a guru technician in our midst, who people source by reputation to build their engines. Tech Tommy from Darling Downs Harley Davidson dropped in our sweet engine upgrade, Screaming Eagle 107-114 (125hp) stage 4 kit. After having a chat to Tommy about my riding style (ride it like you stole it) he tuned and tweaked my engine to an inch of its life to get all the horses running perfect for me. 

Tommy has also built every aspect of FLHOG's upgrade from the engine to the complete replacement front end, handle bars and exhaust fitment. 




FLHOG Unleashing The Beast

FLHOG Unleashing The Beast

We purchased our first touring model Harley, for comfortable 2 up riding. As standard they are a great looking bike. But as most Harley owners, they add their signature style to their ride, to make it their own. We also felt the need to shed the stigma of being an older persons ride and we didn't want the bike to be the same 'Standard' model straight out of the box.

Unleashing the beast was a 7 month project. We have listed what we have done to our ride, aka FLHOG. 

The business FULL HOG evolved from this build, as we wanted to create our own brand of bagger parts, that are built right here in Australia.

The bike:

Purchased off the floor from Andrew Hewes (aka GUS) at Darling Downs Harley Davidson (DDHD) 2017 Street Glide FLHXS, Screamin' Eagle stage 2 kit standard model with 4/12" Screamin' Eagle Street Cannon performance slip on mufflers

Engine Upgrade:

Screamin' Eagle 107-114 (125hp) stage 4 kit + heavy breather elite performance air cleaner kit, by the formidable Tech Tommy Miller at Darling Downs Harley Davidson.

Performance Machine:

Rival 23" rim and 11.8 rotors plus wrap around fender

Contrast cut tech fork leg set and covers

Headlight bezel around Hog Lights 7" Day Maker headlight

Inverted Black Ano Torque mirrors and scallop cut windscreen trim

Contrast cut floor board and levers

Hog Lights:

7" Day Maker headlight


Triple tree bolt on neck, 49mm 6 degree rake, suit 23" wheel

Wild 1:

Bagger Chubby Reapers 10" satin black bars, all internally wired

Custom Dynamics: 

Front indicators and run lights. N/Plate frame, curve black indicator brake and run light. 10" plasma rear strip lights, run light, indicator and brake.

Freedom Exhaust: 

2 into 1 turn out, satin black with black sculptured tip

Dirty Air: 

Rare air ride suspension system, fast up


Electric Centre Stand

Harley Davidson: 

2017 CVO Street Glide solo seat


Razor Back ass end bagger kit, side covers, stretch tank shroud and dash.

Shaw Signs Designs: Jay Shaw did the custom paint in high gloss Panther Blue Black with layered Charcoal and Red flame graphics. The tank logo is the Harley Davidson bar and shield silhouette, embossed in chrome, black, grey and white.